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Welcome to the Walworth County Register of Deeds Office!  We are pleased to offer our land records system online for your information and convenience.  Our grantor/grantee index to land records begins in January of 1973 and includes the majority of associated document images.  Our real estate tract index officially begins on January 3, 2005 and will increase in value as it becomes more populated with data.  You can access all Walworth County recordings (including our first recording from 1839) in our office located at 100 W. Walworth St. in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.


PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURE TO PURCHASE COPIES OF DOCUMENTS IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ESCROW OR MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION ACCOUNT OR DO NOT WISH TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD.   Copies of all documents are available for purchase in the Register of Deeds Office.  The current statutory rate is based on $2.00 for the first page of a document, plus $1.00 per each additional page of the same document, plus $1.00 if certification is needed.  Fees are due in advance.  Please email or call 262-741-4233 for the cost of obtaining a copy of a specific document.  The document number must be provided to determine the cost.   

INFORMATION REGARDING INDEX:  As each real estate document is recorded, identifying information is entered into the index. The names of grantor(s) and grantee(s) are entered as they appear on the recorded document. This is a working index. Data is verified using a double-entry verification process to ensure indexing information has been completed accurately. This is generally completed within one week following the recording date.  


GRANTOR: a person transferring the title of (or an interest in) real property to a grantee(Examples: seller on Deed, borrower on Mortgage, lender on Satisfaction of Mortgage, person granting a right to grantee to use land for specific purpose on Easement).        
GRANTEE: a person who receives a conveyance of (or an interest in) real property from a grantor (Examples: buyer on Deed, lender on Mortgage, borrower on Satisfaction of Mortgage, person receiving right to use grantor’s land for specific purpose on Easement).

 Automated cross-referencing began in May of 2000.    These can be viewed under "Reference" or "Prev. Ref."  Prior to that time, cross-references were entered in the Comments area.  For example, as a Satisfaction of Mortgage was indexed, the recording data of the document being satisfied was noted in the first part of the Comments area.  It will either list a book and page number (example:  663-8994) or a document number (example:  #416564).  This information can then be matched to Mortgages shown in the system to determine which Mortgages have been satisfied.    

  • No entries can ever be deleted from the index. Consequently, you may find entries that do not reflect the current situation. An example would be a Mortgage taken out on a property no longer owned by that individual. When searching, all pertinent entries must be considered to get the total picture of what has transpired.
  • A real estate related Uniform Commercial Code document filed prior to July 1, 2001 would consist of a six-digit document number followed by the letter U. 
  • If searching by document number, enter a capital letter P in front of the document number for all recordings prior to February of 1976. (ex:  P659067) 
  • Before 12/15/99, documents indicating a spousal relationship between two persons were indexed under the husband’s name only.
  • It is recommended that you do not include middle initials or designations such as Sr., Jr., II, etc. in your search criteria. Also, it is best to perform multiple searches using variations of the first name.


Access to, and use of, this web service is subject to the terms and conditions of the Disclaimer and all applicable laws and regulations, including laws and regulations governing copyrights and trademarks.


Documents recorded prior to February of 1976 will require a capital P in front of the document number, (ex:  P659067).  Be sure to use capital letters and correct spacing when searching by parcel  identification numbers.

Our tract index began on 1/3/2005.  When searching by legal description, please use that as a starting date.


TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD, CLICK REGISTER BELOW.  You will assign yourself a user name and password.  User names must be 10 characters or less, and passwords must be 50 characters or less.

Credit Card Users - If you have not used your account in a while (approximately 90 days) and you cannot sign on, you will have to re-register because the system deletes inactive accounts occasionally.  To prevent this, simply sign on about once per month to keep your account active.  You will not be charged for simply signing on if you do not pull up any documents.

When you select to view an image, the system will generate a $50 pre-authorization on your credit card to charge against during that session.  A $3 convenience fee will be charged per session. Any documents viewed will incur copy fees of $2 for the first page of each document and $1 for each additional pages of that document.  When you sign out of the system, any unused funds from that $50 pre-authorization will be released.

PLEASE NOTE:  Subdivision plats are NOT available on Landshark because of their size. Please contact our office to request copies of Subdivision Plats. 

To search for a CSM without having the document number - use the Name Search and enter CSM #- - - - in the name field. 

Contact Walworth County Register of Deeds at 262-741-4233 or with any questions.  You will need to provide your USER NAME in order for us to look up information regarding your account.


LandShark is available free of charge to search the real estate document index maintained in the Walworth County Register of Deeds office. Click on the "About" tab to learn how to set up an escrow or monthly subscription account to access images.



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